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6 Setbacks We Experienced with our Fiat E-Ducato

We were among the first in the world to order the brand-new Fiat E-Ducato and unfortunately, we’ve had to deal with a fair few issues since it arrived. We’ve compiled the biggest setbacks we experienced in our first nine months of being electric van owners and the solutions we’ve found so far.
Apr 25, 20229 min read

Why We Chose Electric Vanlife

Our pre-pandemic lives as a travel writer and photographer from the Netherlands, how Covid changed everything for us and why we decided to give up our apartment for fulltime electric vanlife in a campervan.
Feb 23, 202212 min read

Fiat E-Ducato: The Ultimate EV for a Camper Conversion

In 2021, we bought a fully-electric Fiat E-Ducato to convert to a campervan. As far as we know, we’re the first in the world to do a DIY camper conversion of an electric van of this size. Which is why we’re so excited to share our experience: why we chose this EV, which options we went with, our range, and what we paid — the full specs.
Feb 22, 20229 min read

Sleeping in a 10 Meter High Treehouse at Naturbyn

Deep in the forests of Värmland in the west of Sweden lies a collection of incredible green stays. At Naturbyn, you can sleep in a floating hut on a lake, in a wooden cabin with a green roof, or in a magnificent treehouse 10 meters (30 feet) above the forest floor. We got the chance to stay in the treehouse for an incredible back-to-nature experience.
Feb 20, 202212 min read

Island Hopping Across the Wadden Sea by Sailing Ferry

Our former backyard UNESCO World Heritage the Wadden Sea is one of the most beautiful parts of the Netherlands. The sea is heavily influenced by the tides, full of tidal creeks and sandbanks populated with seals, and crowned by five small islands that are all popular Dutch holiday destinations. While regular ferries service all the islands, there’s a much more adventurous – and greener – way to discover the Wadden Sea: Eilandhopper. Every summer, this sailing ferry takes passengers to hop across the islands and back again.
Feb 19, 202210 min read

A Night on the Bottom of the Wadden Sea

Of all the spectacular destinations we’ve visited in our travels, we experienced one of the most unique green stays right in our own backyard — the Netherlands — when we visited the largest tidal system in the world: UNESCO World Heritage the Wadden Sea. Find out what it’s like to step aboard a Dutch flat-bottomed sailing ship to experience ‘droogvallen’ and to spend the night on the bottom of the sea…
Feb 19, 202213 min read
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