We’re the proud owners of a Fiat E-Ducato that we’re converting to a fully electric campervan. On this page, you’ll find stories about our EV, regular van build updates and all our ups and downs as new electric vanlifers.

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On the road! Our first weeks of travel

After two years of dreaming about this moment, we’ve finally departed on our road trip in our fully electric campervan! We decided on our destination about one week before hitting the road and it was quite the mad scramble to getting everything ready – but we made it and we couldn’t be happier. Here’s how our first weeks went!

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Our Fiat E-Ducato Broke Down for Almost 4 Months

Six months after we’d received our brand-new Fiat E-Ducato, it stopped moving. We initially hoped the problem would be easy to fix, but it turned out to be so complex that it ended up taking three months and three weeks to repair. This is the full story: from our electric van breaking down to the issues that were found, how we dealt with it all, and finally: the fix.

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A tow truck tows a broken-down Fiat E-Ducato
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6 Setbacks We Experienced with our Fiat E-Ducato

We were among the first in the world to order the brand-new Fiat E-Ducato and unfortunately, we’ve had to deal with a fair few issues since it arrived. We’ve compiled the biggest setbacks we experienced in our first nine months of being electric van owners and the solutions we’ve found so far.

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Jurrien sits in the van contemplating the electrical wiring. Not all van build days are great.